Learn About Me and Why I do what I do…

Hi, Im Erika, I write this blog to help others understand mental health. I am a student mental health nurse who has struggled most my life with mental health difficulties. Throughout my really rough times I never thought I would make it to 18, considering I am almost 20. I would say I achieved whatContinue reading “Learn About Me and Why I do what I do…”

Uni Student with Mental Health Issues

They say that society has changed and developed in a way where having mental health difficulties doesn’t mean you are treated different. Biggest crap I have ever heard! Schools, colleges, and universities are the worst for discrimination against students with mental health difficulties. The amount of times I have had to prove myself to doContinue reading “Uni Student with Mental Health Issues”

Introduction to my Blog

Hi all, welcome to my blog. This blog is about learning about mental health illnesses and struggles and about sharing my story in order to help others. My blog will be talking about all aspects of health, wellness and society views. The aim of my blog is to teach, support and aid people in understandingContinue reading “Introduction to my Blog”