Introduction to my Blog

Hi all, welcome to my blog.

This blog is about learning about mental health illnesses and struggles and about sharing my story in order to help others. My blog will be talking about all aspects of health, wellness and society views.

The aim of my blog is to teach, support and aid people in understanding mental health and wellbeing.

My blog is in no means a 100% evidence base or 100% opinion based. It will be a place where I can express how I feel personally and about my experiences both as a patient and in practice. I will be using evidence based practice information to help explain my views and points.

This blog is a place to be open, honest and make my story known. I am in process of writing a book as well, and my blog will have publish snippets and sneak peaks of my book too.

Building an understanding of mental health in society is very much overdue. I want to be able to help those in need to know they aren’t alone, but also help the people who don’t understand or know much about mental health, understand the concept, thoughts, feelings and background of mental health.

If this blog helps just one person, it’s aim will be fulfilled. I hope you like it….

Published by erikag1707

student mental health nurse, ex inpatient. wanting to help raise mental health awareness

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